CLEO Android

Welcome to the official site of the CLEO library for Android. Now you can use the top-most popular Grand Theft Auto add-on on your mobile devices.




Attention! You must have rooted phone (SU installed). Supported games are GTA 3 v1.4, GTA VC v1.3, GTA SA v1.0.0, GTA SA v1.0.2, GTA SA v1.0.3, GTA SA v1.0.5.

Install "cleo.apk".Launch an installed "Cleo" app and when root request dialog occures grant an access. Press "Check" in order to check possibility of installation. If check succeeded then you can try to press "Install". If install succeeded try launching the game.

Standard "Touch to continue" label should be replaced with CLEO build info (in GTA 3 and GTA VC).


The CLEO Library for Android supports adding new scripts without need to start a new game. A script file extension is .csa (CLEO Script for Android). You may write a new script in Sanny Builder. In order to make a new CLEO script for Android, place a directive {$CLEO .csa} in the beginning of the file.

CLEO looks for the scripts in the folder which is one level up from game saves dir: .../Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtavc or .../Android/data/com.rockstargames.gta3

Current CLEO Android version adds 11 new script commands (opcodes). More info in the readme file.


You may obtain all information and get any help from the official pages of the project: topic Forums


The author and original developer of the CLEO library is Seemann.

The author of CLEO Android - Alexander Blade.

The developers have no liability for any negative consequences caused by using this product. Use it at your own risk.

If you want to help in developing of the library or its plugins, contact us by a forum PM or e-mail.