Welcome to the world of CLEO - your gateway to endless excitement in the Grand Theft Auto universe! Dive into the action-packed realm of Rockstar Games' iconic series and supercharge your gameplay with thousands of incredible mods. Whether you're prowling the streets of GTA III, soaking up the neon glow of Vice City, or navigating the sprawling landscapes of San Andreas, CLEO has something special for every gamer. Join the adventure and transform your GTA experience today!
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Vice City

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San Andreas (PC)

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San Andreas (iOS)

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CLEO Redux

What's New in CLEO 5
Enhanced Runtime for Better Scripts
Audio Enhancements
  • New commands for better control over audio streams
  • Implemented Doppler effect for 3D audio streams, ensuring realism for fast-moving sound sources
New Debug Utilities
  • Brand new commands for debugging, tracing, and logging to file, enhancing your debugging capabilities
  • Breakpoints to pause script execution at specific points and resume it at will
New and Updated Plugins
Is CLEO 5 compatible with existing scripts?
Short answer: it depends. For the majority of scripts there should be no issues with the new version. However, CLEO 5 implements some extra safety measures to prevent game crashes, and some scripts may now fail due to the mistakes in the code. CLEO 5 provides a compatibility layer for older scripts. If you experience any issues on the newer version, try changing the script extension from .cs to .cs4
My script crashes with CLEO 5, but works with CLEO 4. What should I do?
If you experience any issues on the newer version, try changing the script extension from .cs to .cs4. If it does not help, open a new ticket on GitHub, or contact us on Discord.
How do I install CLEO?
Installing CLEO is easy! Depending on your game version it can be distributed as an auto-installer or archive. Simply run the installer and follow the steps, or unpack the archive to the game directory. Done!